Residential, retail and leisure buildings

Residential, retail & leisure buildings

Investors and developers aim to deliver residential, retail and leisure buildings that are both profitable and in line with end-user demands. Bureau Veritas is there to help you build safely and sustainably.



Today’s residential consumers want an increasingly personalized, pleasant living environment that incorporates digital services while remaining affordable. Developers meanwhile aim to deliver profitable retail and leisure buildings that meet occupiers’ needs. They also must be sure to obtain all necessary building permits and ensure health and safety during the build. And both providers and consumers are increasingly looking for buildings that can be run efficiently and minimize environmental impact.


Our clients trust us to be there for them every step of the way during their residential, retail and leisure construction projects. We help them build sustainably and remain compliant with all regulations from start-up through handover. Bureau Veritas is a leader in sustainability certification for buildings. We are also a trusted partner for construction health and safety and ensure regulatory compliance for equipment in service.

  • Pre-project services and Technical Due Diligence
    Through technical and sustainability studies, we provide technical assistance and assess the feasibility and risk of your projects from the start. We conduct reviews of regulations and standards, ensure code compliance and permitting, and provide preliminary geotechnical studies and surveys. Our design review services help optimize your project.
  • Construction and Independent Engineering Advisory 
    By addressing health and safety risks, we help ensure projects are on time, on budget and fully compliant with the design quality standards. Our Independent Checking Engineers are qualified, experienced personnel deployed to client sites to provide technical oversite of design and construction activities. We provide work supervision and technical control as well as testing and assessment of construction materials. Other services include claim assistance, shop inspection and QA/QC. 
  • Health & Safety
    Our services such as on-site QHSE Coordination and Property Monitoring - help ensure compliance on construction sites.
  • Social and Environmental Sustainability
    Our green building services include assistance in assessment and optimising of energy consumption, as well as obtaining the globally recognized environmental certifications demanded by modern occupiers: LEED, BREEAM and HQE.
  • In-service inspections and Asset Management Support
    Our experts conduct a full inventory and inspection of your asset before devising an Asset Management Plan. Coming full circle, we perform Asset Performance assessments to ensure your asset is being used at its maximum efficiency. Our in - service inspections of your equipment - from fire and electrical equipment to lifting appliances - ensure you are always compliant with regulations.
  • Handover
    Our technical due diligence service provides you with a thorough understanding of a building’s technical profile and potential risks prior to acquisition.
  • Building ONE: our digital solution to for your buildings
    Our interactive platform Building In One allows you to control the risks related to your buildings by centralizing and sorting all your useful documents (administrative files, leases, insurance, plans ...).


ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are increasingly demanded in tender offers to demonstrate best practices in quality and environmental management. These standards were updated in 2015. We offer a suite of tools and transition packs to help you retain certification or achieve it for the first time.