Oil & Gas



Bureau Veritas has extensive experience in blending petroleum products to meet client and international specifications, thereby adding significant value to their business. Gasoline and fuel oil blending requires specialists with an intimate knowledge of petroleum chemistry, ship loading systems, terminal tankage, pumps and pipelines.

Fuel Stations

Fuel stations manage multiple product streams, when an issue occurs regarding quality this can cause a risk to reputation and damage to corporate image. There is also the need to comply with stringent product, environmental and safety legislation. Bureau Veritas offer a range of services to assist in the implementation of routine compliance/quality monitoring programmes, including routine sampling and testing, sample collection and product contamination checks.

Should you encounter a fuel related problem we can provide rapid response with expedited testing in order to help resolve the issue.

Our specializations 

Cargo Trade

Professional inspection services are critical whenever the custody of goods transfers between buyers, sellers and traders, especially for petroleum cargo. To assist with a seamless transition, Bureau Veritas has highly skilled professionals ‘on the ground’ in all major transit and trading locations. We offer localized expertise in a range of technologically advanced inspection and sampling services around the world. 

our specializations